Figure di donna. Italian Women in Cinema | In English • ONLINE

After March 26 - $280

The focal point of this course will be the woman's gaze in Italian filmaking, showcasing influential directors and award-winning outstanding actors. From characters to artists to directors, we will explore the contribution of Italian women to the artistic representation of Italian society. Films include, but are not limited to, Cronaca di un amore, by Michelangelo Antonioni, La strada  by Federico Fellini, and more recently Corpo Celeste by Alice Rohrwacher.

The first and last classes will serve as an introduction and conclusion for the path we will follow. Starting from the second class participants are asked to view the films ahead of class. Optional readings will be recommended as the course progresses.

Films may be available via Kanopy or Hoopla services and on DVD format from the Toronto Public Library. Streaming viewing options may be available through other local public libraries or streaming subscription-based services. 

INSTRUCTOR: Maria Laura Mosco


Course begins on April 17, 2023
  • 1.5-hour lecture each week for 10 weeks total
  • Small virtual group size
  • Participants can enjoy a real Italian environment, fostered by the many cultural events organized by the Institute​
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