Preposizioni e pronomi - Tutorial • ONLINE

Preposizioni e pronomi - A tutorial to review and practice prepositions and pronouns

The enigmatic preposition and the elusive pronoun never fail to challenge and amaze students of Italian.  Articolata o semplice?  Diretto o indiretto?  This tutorial comprised of five one-hour sessions will provide a detailed review as well as some tips to avoid errors in their usage.  One of the course objectives will be to facilitate the understanding of these structures as “communicative clusters” as well as to revisit the parts of the sentence and how these elements work together cohesively.

Materials will be provided by the instructor

Instructor: Lidia Rende

Pre-requisite: Students who have completed level B1



Tutorial is composed of 5 one-hour meetings from February 23 to March 23, 2023

This course is preceded by Evviva il congiuntivo!, a tutorial  from January 19 to February 16. Registration is now open.

IMPORTANT - New students at the Istituto must complete the placement test before registering for this class.  The purpose of this test is to ensure students are taking the correct course based on their assessed level.  Returning students are not required to take  this test.


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