The course focuses primarily on the practice of conversational skillsets whilst reviewing important grammatical structures introduced at the B2 level.  Both aspects of the course reflect an advanced level of Italian proficiency (B2). Course activities include discussion of news articles, short stories, online resources (audio, video, web feeds); text composition and translation; short presentations; communicative games and situational dialogues.

For students who have completed B2.3

This course begins on July 21, 2022

2.5 hour classes each week for 10 weeks total

IMPORTANT - New students at the Istituto must complete the placement test before registering for this class.  The purpose of this test is to ensure studetns are taking the correct course based on their assessed level.  Returning students are not required to take  this test.
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Reinforcing the competencies acquired in B1, students continue to strengthen their independent user status and are able to understand and communicate complex texts about concrete topics, and abstract ideas. Interaction with native speakers may happen spontaneously without or with minimal effort. Students also develop the ability to express their opinion and provide pros and cons.

B2.3 (7, 8, 9, 10)

- To use opening and closing remarks
- To develop their argument in a written text
- To describe with significant amount of details a text or an image
- To talk about environmental issues
- To discuss cultural events