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Pre-requisite: Students who have completed level A2.3

Review course for level A2 to practice and improve the skills acquired during level A2 courses and prepare for level B1. The course will especially focus on speaking and listening skills and on the following grammar points: past tenses (passato prossimo e imperfetto), conditional, imperative, direct and indirect pronouns, adjectives comparatives and superlatives

NOTE: Course materials will be provided by the instructor

Instructor: Laura Mosco


Course begins on October 11, 2023

Course features:
  • 2.5 hour classes each week for 10 weeks, total 25 hours
  • Small class sizes of maximum 9 students
  • Our courses follow the Common European Framework set by the European Council
  • Highly qualified professional teachers with significant experience in teaching Italian as a second language. 

Course Session Time Slot:

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Pre-requisite: Students who have successfully completed level A2

INSTRUCTOR: Alfonsina Sola

NOTE: Course materials will be provided by the instructor

This course is for students who have completed the A2.3 course and want to refresh the main contents of the elementary level. It is also intended for students at a pre-intermediate level who prefer to strengthen their competencies before starting the B1 level.

Within this course, students will review all the topics previously studied with a special focus on conversation and grammar. Students will be encouraged to describe things, food, people, events, facts and talk about their habits, health, experiences, wishes, opinions and expectations using present, future and past tenses. The course will use multiples and various resources, from textbooks to podcasts and videos.