Italy through the Cinematic Lens | Lecture Series in English • ONLINE

Until September 25th. After September 25th - $280

This course aims at exploring Italian society and its complexity through the cameras of renowned Italian filmmakers, focusing on historical, social and cultural changes and contradictions.
The first class will serve as an introduction to the path we will follow.
Starting from the second class, participants will be responsible for viewing the selected films before the meetings.
All films are in Italian, with English subtitles. They can be found online, on youtube, dailymotion and on the streaming services Kanopy and /or Hoopla available via your Public Library, free of charge.
You may also search other streaming services you may be subscribed to, or rent your library DVD holdings.
Links will be provided with the syllabus (coming soon).

INSTRUCTOR: Maria Laura Mosco


Course begins on October 17, 2022
  • 1.5-hour lecture each week for 10 weeks total
  • Small virtual group size of up to 9 participants only
  • Participants can enjoy a real Italian environment, fostered by the many cultural events organized by the Institute​
  • Pre-viewing and post-viewing activities will be assigned in order to prepare participants for open and relaxed group conversation
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Please note this series of lectures will be offered in English

INSTRUCTOR: Maria Laura Mosco

This series of lectures explores Italian society and its complexity through the camera lens of renowned Italian filmmakers.

Introductory mini-lectures will provide historical and cultural frameworks to participants for open and relaxed group conversation.

Note: Participants will be responsible for viewing the films before the lectures. Course material will be provided before the start of the lectures by the Instructor.

Films are available via the Kanopy Service or in DVD format at the Toronto Public Library. For participants outside the Toronto area or Canada, check the online resources of your local public libraries.