Beginners 2 | A1.2

A conversation course for beginners, aimed at students who have recently started learning Italian. In class, the students will be stimulated to communicate by expressing themselves in Italian using the present tense to describe situations, people, and places. They will practice expressing preferences and opinions, (amare, sopportare/ non sopportare/ mi piace- mi piacciono, etc.), buy useful things for daily life and to ask questions using interrogative adverbs (dove, come, che cosa, perche’, etc).

Syllabus: In this course the following grammatical elements will be introduced:

  • Possessive adjectives
  • Review of the present tense of irregular verbs by adding new ones
  • Mi piace / non mi piace expressions
  • Idiomatic uses of the verb “avere” (e.g. avere fame, avere ragione, etc.)
  • Teachers will integrate with extra material for expanding the vocabulary and idiomatic expressions