Elementary 2 | A2.2

This is a conversation course for elementary level students, who have familiarity with the present and past tenses (imperfect and past perfect) of Italian verbs. In class, students will be encouraged to tell episodes and experiences that took place in the past, using the past perfect and imperfect tenses. Teachers will introduce some extra material to expand the vocabulary and to stimulate conversation in class. The course ends with the introduction of the present conditional (e.g. vorrei, andrei)

Syllabus : In this course the following elements will be introduced:

  • The imperfect tense
  • The use of imperfect and past perfect tense
  • The contrast between present/past
  • Time indicators (prima, dopo, ora..)
  • Stare + gerund
  • Pronouns with the verb in the infinitive
  • Agreement between the past participle with “ne” and with direct pronouns