Preparatory Course for CILS B1 Citizenship Exam

The aim of the course is getting to know the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam and preparing to take it. The lessons will go over the 4 sections of the exam ( and practice each with suggestions and strategies on how best to approach them. A particular focus will be placed occasionally on grammar points that will appear on the exam and need to be reviewed by the group.

Please note: completing the course does not guarantee successful completion of the B1 Citizenship exam

Materials are provided by the teacher.

Pre-requisite: Having completed at least level A2.2 - Elementary 2 (click here to read the description) or equivalent level of proficiency.

Course duration: 2.5 hour classes each week for 10 weeks.

The course is offered every session, Winter,  Spring, Summer and Fall.
See About Our Courses page, for information on dates.

A placement test will be required for all new students to Istituto.

For more information on the CILS exam please write to